Purgeofizika LLC is a service geophysical enterprise performing all types of the works pertaining to 2D/3D seismic processing & interpretation; processing and geological/geophysical interpretation of production log data, and integrated seismic & log data interpretation at field search, exploration & development stages.

    The Company was established in 1999. Since that time more than 150 projects have been implemented; the total volume of processed & interpreted 3D surveys exceeds 21,000 sq. km, the overall length of processed & interpreted 2D lines goes beyond 90,000 linear km.

    Based on the results obtained by Purgeofizika LLC, 15 oil & gas fields were discovered and a lot of new deposits at known fields were found.

    The Company staff is 115 employees, 58 of which are senior and leading engineers. The key staff has more than 20-year experience in field operations, g&g processing & interpretation at various oil- and gas-bearing regions at the territory of Russia and out of its borders.

    Application of state-of-the-art software products and processing & interpretation technologies alongside with highly qualified personnel allows the Company to solve the most complicated geological tasks, from updating reservoir geometry up to poroperm prediction and creation of reservoir models; todraw up recommendations on exploration & development drilling.

    All studies being implemented by the Company are certified.



Purgeofizika LLC