Company Work Result

– High efficiency of oil & gas drilling.


Against the global average drilling success ratio 0.3-0.5, this index based on Purgeofizika LLC work results has reached 0.93

The Fields Discovered:

  • Yuzhno-Tarasovskoe multi-layer oilfield (Rosneft)
  • Itursko-Ituyakhskaya zone (Sibneft – Noyabrskneftegaz). 3 wells drilled there helped to discover oilfields
  • Severo-Khancheiskoe gas condensate field (NOVATEK)
  • Kutymskoe oil & gas condensate field (Gazprom)
  • Vostochno-Kutymskoe oil & gas condensate field (Gazprom)
  • Severo-Kutymskoe oil & gas condensate field (NOVATEK)
  • Zapadno-Kutymskoe oil & gas condensate field (NOVATEK)
  • Zapadno-Chaselskoe gas field (Kynsko-Chaselskoe Neftegaz LLC)
  • 5 new fields in borders of Volga-Ural petroleum province.





Examples of Structure Map Validation Through Further Drilling

Samburgskoe field

After delivery of a Purgeofizika LLC report, more than 60 new wells were drilled.

The drilling revealed a high reliability level of the structural model created



             Structural mapping error,                                                       Mistie distribution histogram for

            calculated using new drilling                                                           BU10 reservoir top

                                                                                                          drilled by a small number of wells


Vyngapurovskoe Field


With more than 2400 wells drilled in the area of study and based on Purgeofizika LLC recommendations, 5 exploration & appraisal wells were drilled within the delineated prospects. As a result, 34 new oil pools were discovered, 8 of which were found in the beds with no earlier established HC charge.

Structure map accuracy evaluation results based on new E&A wells drilled by Purgeofizika LLC recommendations:






Successful Drilling of Horizontal Wells By Predictions

One of the West-Siberian fields


Нeff Prediction Map


– Average BP16 reservoir oil flow rate in horizontal wells -10 t/day
– Oil flow rate in new 2-bottomhole well drilled using Purgeofizika LLC predictions -240 t/day



Conductivity Prediction Map                           Predicted Conductivity Data Cube Slice






Correction for Near-Surface Heterogeneity Effects

Yurkharovskoye Field


   After adequate correction for the near-surface heterogeneity effects, field oil & gas reserves increased sixfold
   At present, the field geological model is proved by well drilling in a transit zone








Creation of a Regional Seismic Frame Based On Areal Surveys

West Siberia


    More than 4000 km of 1985-2006 lines were processed & reduced to the uniform frequency response characteristics, on the basis of which a network of composite lines was created.
    A tie of seismic lines to 300 wildcat & exploratory wells was performed. Based on the results obtained, 40 new promising traps & zones were identified



East Siberia

   More than 12,000 linear km were processed & reduced to the uniform frequency response characteristics.
   By the results obtained, the potential oil & gas accumulation zones were delineated and recommendations on licensing of the unallocated subsoil-reserve fund areas were given.






Archive Data Reprocessing


   Initial data was handed over on paper carriers.
   Paper-based section vectorization & post-stack seismic data processing were performed.
   After reprocessing, the reflection-event tracking was considerably improved, thus allowing to delineate a lot of multi-type hydrocarbon traps

1_before                     kongo_after

       original cross-section                                                                      processing & interpretation

                                                                                                                      made by Purgeofizika LLC


West Siberia

   Archive data re-processing using state-of-the-art software & new technologies allowed to achieve substantial improvement of a dynamic expressiveness in a cross-section and expand spectral width of a seismic record, and therefore made it possible to get new geological information while performing interpretation of the data.




                 Earlier processing                                                            Purgeofizika LLC processing results


East Siberia. Regional Works

   Archive data re-processing based on state-of-the-art software & new technologies







Alternate Processing


   The incision-related effects distort a wave pattern & lead to errors in interpretation of lower horizons. After Purgeofizika LLC alternate processing there are no wave-pattern distortions seen on the section & the incision effects are removed.

1_before                     kongo_after

      Processing & interpretation of other company                                                 Purgeofizika LLC

                                                                                                        processing & interpretation


Samara Region

   The adequate near-surface correction allows to obtain more reliable structural maps and considerably reduce the exploration drilling risks.

before                     after

      Processing & interpretation of other company                                             Purgeofizika LLC

                                                                                                        processing & interpretation





Processing in Complicated Geoseismic Conditions

Timan-Pechora Basin

Reef Mapping

Thorough & accurate processing made it possible to achieve more reliable picking up of a reef seismic facies, which the primary HC search prospects relate to.



Work with Materials Obtained in Different Shot & Recording Conditions







Work in Complicated Geoseismic Conditions

One of the West-Siberian North Fields

   In spite of exploration drilling maturity of the field, the existing geoseismic model of complex continental sediments of Tanopchinskaya formation remained unconfirmed by the wells drilled. Due to the simultaneous correlation of wells vs time sections, Purgeofizika LLC managed to create a reliable geoseismic model and explain reservoir geology, which further resulted in successful development well drilling.


Purgeofizika LLC